Private James Bond Walking Tour

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Private James Bond Walking Tour Private James Bond is one of the most iconic and popular characters in history. He has starred in a number of blockbuster films, and his adventures have entertained millions of people around the world. If you're a fan of Private James Bond, then you'll want to take a walking tour of his famous locations. This is a great way to learn about the history of the character and his famous locations. You can find a number of walking tours of Private James Bond's locations around the world. If you're interested in taking one, be sure to check out the options available online. You'll be able to find a tour that's perfect for you.


Tour Duration: 180 min

Private James Bond Walking Tour

This James Bond tour is 00-heaven. Whilst exploring some of the London-based locations used in the hit film franchise, you will also have a chance to meet someone as passionate about James Bond as you are – our guide! Starting at Somerset House, this tour shows you some of the best bits of Bond and explains how they were filmed and includes some of the most historic buildings in London and their histories. During the journey across London, you will discover some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the filming of the James Bond films, what it takes to be a real-life spy, and some of the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s books. Finishing opposite Mi6 headquarters in London, your guide will reveal the secrets of the films, how the film’s producers convinced the UK government to let the movies include the actual Mi6 building, and how the building was shockingly damaged and then destroyed during Skyfall and SPECTRE.

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  • Guiding Fee

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  • TFL Oyster, Travelcard, or Contactless payment for bus journey from Whitehall to Vauxhall Bridge.

Points Of Interest

  • 20 minutes: Visit Russia without ever leaving this beautiful Georgian building, which was originally built for the Admiralty. Find out why EON productions chose to stay in London rather than visit the Russian Federation, and discover some of the huge numbers of films that have also filmed in this amazing location.
  • 10 minutes: Rules Restaurant is the oldest eatery in London. Founded in 1798 Rules has been the restaurant of choice for the great and good of London for over 220 years; including Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Mallory.
  • 20 minutes: Used as part of the chase sequence on the London Underground between 007 and Raoul Silva at Charing Cross you will learn how EON worked with Transport for London to create not only an amazing chase sequence, but also the most dangerous stunt in Skyfall.
  • 5 minutes: We will briefly stop in Trafalgar Square before heading into the National Gallery.
  • 30 minutes: The National Gallery is where we meet the new 'Q' (played by Ben Whishaw) for the first time. What follows is, arguably, one of the best scenes in Skyfall where Bond and 'Q' bond over the need for a trigger to be pulled. But how on earth did they film this sequence in a gallery that is visited by over 6 million people every year? Find out on this 00-heavenly tour!
  • 20 minutes: The Reform Club on Pall Mall has an illustrious history and involvement with the British film industry. Seen in films such as Paddington, Sherlock, and of course the James Bond franchise, the restrictions about filming in this amazing gentlemen's club may leave you shaken and sturred.
  • 15 minutes: This is where everything gets real! Outside the London home of the British Foreign Secretary learn how the real Mi6 operates under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom's Foreign Office.
  • 10 minutes: The Mall gives us impressive views of Buckingham Palace, home to His Majesty King Charles III. Son of the oldest 'Bond girl', King Charles' mother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shocked the world when she appeared alongside James Bond as part of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Find out how Danny Boyle persuaded the late Queen to take part and how she has been name-checked throughout the Bond franchise.
  • 20 minutes: Admiralty House was where Ian Fleming spent much of the Second World War, working firstly for Admiral Sir John Godfrey the Director of Naval Intelligence before taking on various intelligence roles throughout the war including travelling to America to help establish, what has become, the CIA! It was Flemings experience as part of the Intelligence community that gave him all the necessary tools and experience to create the greatest spy who never lived, and Admiralty House is the perfect place to tell you how Fleming's real work inspired and informed the fictional world of James Bond.
  • 10 minutes: The Royal Horseguards Hotel is where Mi6 started. Home to Sir Mansfield Cumming, the first chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) at this location your guide will explain what it takes to be a spy for the British government, how British intelligence has been the best (and worst) intelligence service, and how the real world of spying has informed the stories of James Bond.
  • 10 minutes: Whitehall is the home to the British Government and is supposedly where the gun battle at the Intelligence and Security Committee meeting takes place..... but is all as it seems???
  • 5 minutes: Whilst at Westminster Bridge, your guide will explain how the action-packed ending to SPECTRE was filmed in a high-security area. They will also reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets about the filming here, which may surprise you!
  • 20 minutes: From Vauxhall Bridge, you will be able to see the real Mi6 HeadQuarters building. It is here you will learn all about how the real building that houses some of Britain's real spies came to be used in one of the most popular film franchises of all time. Whilst here your guide will also explain how sequences from 'The World Is Not Enough', 'Skyfall', and 'SPECTRE' were all filmed here, and how some things are not as they seem when it comes to MI6's spy headquarters.

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