Private Tour of Canterbury and White Cliffs of Dover (or Leeds/Dover Castle)

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A private tour of Canterbury and White Cliffs of Dover is a great way to see these beautiful sites. The tour can be done in either Leeds or Dover Castle. Both locations are beautiful and have plenty to see. The tour can include a visit to the Canterbury Cathedral, the White Cliffs of Dover, and other historical sites. The tour can be customized to fit the interests of the group, and the drivers are knowledgeable about the area.


Tour Duration: 480 min

Private Tour of Canterbury and White Cliffs of Dover (or Leeds/Dover Castle)

Fantastic opportunity to discover our magnificent county of Kent with your private guide and chauffeur in a comfortable car, usually Mercedes. This premium tour is bespoke to suit your needs, flexible and planned in advance. Your day will be full of fascinating tales and legends, driving along scenic countryside roads, and discovering the medieval lanes of Canterbury. You will also have a choice of walking along the breathtaking Cliffs of Dover or to visit one of the beautiful castles of Kent, such as Leeds Castle or Dover Castle. There will be opportunities for lunch by the sea and taking stunning photos. I am a professional Blue Badge guide (the highest qualification in the field), passionate about my job and the South East of England, where I live. I am knowledgeable, friendly and love to provide my clients with unforgettable experience!

What's included

Below are items that the provider has stated are included with Private Tour of Canterbury and White Cliffs of Dover (or Leeds/Dover Castle) at no additional cost

  • Experienced and fun guide, great with children and families
  • Bespoke tour to suit your needs
  • Passionate Private Tour Guide (Blue Badge qualification, the highest level)

What's NOT included

Below are items that the tour provider of Private Tour of Canterbury and White Cliffs of Dover (or Leeds/Dover Castle) has stated that may cost an additional fee if desired.


Points Of Interest

  • 120 minutes: I would love to take you on a private tour driven by a chauffeur to explore the vibrant city of Canterbury with its magnificent cathedral, narrow lanes, and medieval buildings. We will be traveling via remote Kent with its vineyards and orchards. Once we arrive at the city, our walk will include: Cathedral visit (tickets are not included) where we will admire the gothic architecture of the nave, find out about the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, go down to the Norman crypt, and much more. We will get to know this ancient city by walking through old market lanes, passing city gates, Weaver’s house, hospitals for pilgrims, and monasteries. We will go on a picturesque walk by the river and see for ourselves why Canterbury is often called Little Venice. There will be literature connections to Jeffrey Chaucer, Christopher Marlow and Charles Dickens.
  • 60 minutes: We will visit the Cathedral, one of the oldest, most beautiful and important churches in England. It is also the cradle of Christianity, the place of the horrific murder and burial place of some members of the Royal Family. The tickets are not included but can be purchased on the day, adult price is £14.00.
  • 240 minutes: Having a professional guide and chauffer gives you flexibility of choosing the most scenic route, stop for pictures, have a relaxed lunch by the sea, enjoy seafood or other local cuisine. These details will be discussed with you in advance and reservation will be made on your behalf, lunch isn’t included in the price.
  • 60 minutes: We will continue our trip to the iconic White Cliffs of Dover. I will take you on a breathtaking coastal walk with a view across the English Channel, only 26 miles away from France. We will admire natural chalk and the insertion of flintstone and talk about the formulation of these incredible cliffs. We will also consider the significance of the cliffs in past and present history.

Additional Information

  • Specialized infant seats are available
  • Travelers should have at least a moderate level of physical fitness