Murano & Burano Islands Guided Small-Group Tour by Private Boat

Venice, Veneto (2243)


%20 Murano and Burano are two of the most famous and beautiful islands in the Venetian Lagoon. They are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are well worth a visit. A fully guided small group tour by private boat can give you a unique and unforgettable experience of these beautiful islands.


Tour Duration: 300 min

Murano & Burano Islands Guided Small-Group Tour by Private Boat

Cruise the Venetian Lagoon by private water taxi and meet the artisans keeping Venice’s traditional crafts alive. You’ll see demonstrations of traditional glassblowing on the island of Murano, and traditional lacemaking on Burano. The tour includes discounts on souvenirs from both demonstration workshops. Both islands have plenty to see, and you’ll have ample time to explore.

What's included

Below are items that the provider has stated are included with Murano & Burano Islands Guided Small-Group Tour by Private Boat at no additional cost

  • Professional guide
  • Round-trip transport by a private boat
  • Glassmaking demonstration in Murano
  • Small groups of up to 20 people for a more personalized experience
  • Lacemaking demonstration in Burano
  • Discount at the glass gallery and lacemaking shop where the demonstrations are given

What's NOT included

Below are items that the tour provider of Murano & Burano Islands Guided Small-Group Tour by Private Boat has stated that may cost an additional fee if desired.

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Points Of Interest

  • 150 minutes: The enchanting islands of Murano and Burano are the perfect change of pace from Venice’s crowded streets and waterways. And the perfect way to reach them is by private water taxi. Faster and sturdier than a gondola, nimbler and less crowded than a waterbus, water taxis are the premier way to travel in Venice. Few visitors get to experience them, but yours is included, along with an expert local guide who’ll explain Venice’s history as a titan of trade along the way. Your first port of call is a specially chosen glassblowing workshop on Murano. In the Middle Ages, only Murano’s artisans possessed the secrets of this craft, and sharing them was punishable by execution. You’ll get to witness modern glassblowers wield those once secret techniques, shaping delicate and dazzling works of art from molten glass. Then admire the workshop’s finest work in its gallery, and perhaps take home a piece of your own – with a tour discount. Or explore more of Murano, including its peaceful canals and stunning Byzantine church.
  • 150 minutes: The locals of nearby Burano still maintain the island’s tradition of handmade lace, some of the finest anywhere in the world. You’ll get to observe lace being hand-stitched the way it has been for generations. Then visit the lace museum to see the island’s greatest work, or simply enjoy the photo opportunity provided by the colorful houses, brightly painted so sailors could see home as they returned from the sea. When you cross the lagoon back to Venice, you’ll have a renewed appreciation of the crafts that put the city on the map so long ago.

Additional Information

  • Infants are required to sit on an adult’s lap
  • Not recommended for travelers with spinal injuries
  • Travelers should have at least a moderate level of physical fitness
  • Some sites visited lack shade and can be hot under direct sunlight. We recommend bringing a hat, sunscreen and a bottle of water in warm weather.