A Magical Harry Potter Adventure + Afternoon tea (Private)

London, England (4)


Afternoon Tea with Harry Potter Adventure


Tour Duration: 120 min

A Magical Harry Potter Adventure + Afternoon tea (Private)

Highlights • See the real Diagon Alley • Explore where exactly Knight Bus has stopped. • See what bridge was destroyed in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows • Discover How Harry went into the Ministry of Magic and which bank is still operated by goblins     Wizards and witches! Are you ready to experience the magical world of Harry Potter? No wonder London was chosen as the main spot for Harry Potter movies location! On our tour we are going to see where it was filmed and how London darkest secrets had inspired Joanne Rowling.

What's included

Below are items that the provider has stated are included with A Magical Harry Potter Adventure + Afternoon tea (Private) at no additional cost

  • Professional guide

What's NOT included

Below are items that the tour provider of A Magical Harry Potter Adventure + Afternoon tea (Private) has stated that may cost an additional fee if desired.

  • Please have an oyster travelling card/day-travel ticket/contactless bank card as we are going to enter the tube

Points Of Interest

  • 10 minutes: Welcome to the Harry Potter capital! Upon your arrival, hopefully after a relaxing journey, please meet your Guide at the Ticket Booth at Leicester Square. You will see where the ​Harry Potter movies were released!
  • 10 minutes: Afterwards, you will be guided through the magical destination ‘Diagon Alley’, which was inspirational for J.K Rowling.
  • 10 minutes: Continue along Trafalgar Square and discover a secret about it before you step in front of the ‘Gringots Bank’, which is operated by Goblins. Pass through Trafalgar Square and arrive at the ‘Ministry of Magic’, where you can say “Alohomora” and open its doors! Leave Ministry of Magic and enter the tube, to travel by train full of Muggles. Try not to look suspicious, don’t let the Muggles know if you are a Witch or a Wizard!
  • 10 minutes: Take the train to explore the other part of the trip!!
  • 10 minutes: You will be guided through the Millennium Bridge, which was destroyed by ‘Death Eaters’ in the Harry Potter and a Half-Blood prince. As you relax, walking alongside the Thames, be surprised to see the remaining wall of the old Palace in one of the hidden passages.
  • 10 minutes: Arrive at London Borough Market, where Londoners spend their weekends eating delicious street food. 
  • 10 minutes: Finish at ‘Platform 9¾’ where you can try to run through the wall and enter the Hogwarts Express. Remember, it can be painful!

Additional Information

  • Public transportation options are available nearby
  • Travelers should have at least a moderate level of physical fitness